Respect women, stop rape

समाधान संवाददाता २०७८ जेठ १५ गते १४:२०

Bijaya Basnet, Kathmandu


Rape is one of the most terrible crimes on earth and it happens every few minutes. The global statistics on sexual assault against women is shocking. At least one in every five women experiences rape or attempted rape during her lifetime. The way a woman dresses and subjugating them to dress a certain way in order to protect themselves is nothing than a myth. There are plenty of women who have been raped regardless of the way they dress. It is estimated that approximately 35% of women worldwide have experienced some form of sexual harassment in their lifetime.

Rape is a prevalent crime in Nepal. Girls below the age of 16 experiences the most harrasment i.e. (43%) followed by 17-25 years (37%), 26-35 years (9%), 36-45 years (6%), 45-55 years (2%) and above 56 years (3%). During the year 2016/17, 1137 cases were registered and followed by 1480 cases (in 2017/18), 1623 cases (in 2018/19), and 2144 (in 2019/20).

The number of registered cases is increasing day by day but around 70-80% of rape cases are not registered because of fear of family, society, retaliation. Even if they file a case they aren’t guaranteed the justice. Only a few of the cases ends up in jail and the remaining rapist wander freely because of power and political connection. We live in a country where a person is arrested for singing rap and not for doing rape.

The government of Nepal should take strict action against rapists. We, every citizen are bound to support the government rules and regulations because it’s our duty to ensure women safety. So, strict laws should be formed and laws should be properly implemented.


We should change the perspective of how we see sexual violence. We should stop treating sexual violence as a women’s issue. It’s not only women issue, but also a human issue in whole. The victim should raise a voice rather than dominating her own voice.  The family and society should support the victim and encourage her rather than seeing from the side of raped women.

Every human life is incomplete without the presence of women. It was the women who nurtured us day and night and made us what we are today. Women are not defined by the clothes they are wearing. Women are humans and the guiding lights of tomorrow. So, respect women and STOP RAPE.

(Basnet is a BBA student at Kathmandu University School of Management.)

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